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Answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Sussex Travel Clinic- Frequently Asked Questions.

What vaccines do I need for my trip?

You can get vaccine and malaria recommendations on the following website:

Travel Health Pro  Country recommendations, malaria recommendations and travel health advice.

How soon before my trip do I need to start my course of vaccines?

Travellers should ideally present for pre travel advice about 6-8 weeks prior to departure, this will allow time to receive full courses of advised vaccines, travel health guidance and malaria recommendations.

Some single vaccines such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid can take up to 2 weeks to give protective levels. Yellow Fever takes 10 days to be effective. Booster doses of most vaccines will boost protective levels normally within 24-48 hours, with the exception of Typhoid which takes up to 2 weeks to be effective each time you have it.

However, even for last minute travellers there is still a benefit for considering having vaccines that would be recommended for your destination. It’s never too late to start malaria tablets, some malaria tablets can be started a couple of days before you go to a risk area.

Does Sussex Travel Clinic have access to my past vaccine history?

No, we do not have access to any of your NHS medical records or past vaccination history. It is very useful for us if you can bring a record of any of your previous immunisations along to your appointment. This helps us plan what vaccines you require and means you do not incur extra cost for vaccines that you may already be protected against. Your NHS GP will be able to give you this information if you contact them.

Please hand your past vaccination record to reception on arrival at the clinic so it can be scanned into your notes.

Are any vaccinations free from my NHS GP?

Some surgeries provide the following vaccinations free of charge: Diphtheria/ Tetanus/ Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. All other vaccines will incur a charge even from an NHS GP.

I am really scared of injections. Will my vaccines hurt?

You may experience a mild stinging sensation when your vaccines are administered. This is very mild and lasts only a few seconds. Our nurses are very experienced in administration of vaccinations and will reassure you.

We recommend you make sure you have eaten well before you have any vaccinations. Having vaccines on an empty stomach may make you more prone to fainting. Please note: if you are having a Cholera vaccine you must not eat or drink for 1 hour before or 1 hour after.

If you or your child are very needle phobic we can provide numbing cream that should be applied 1 hour before your appointment. Please call reception to arrange collection of a pack. Emla Packs cost £8.

How to prepare your child for vaccinations- read our blog post

Will I get side effects after my vaccines?

You may experience mild side effects following vaccination and these include pain, swelling and redness at the injection site. These occur commonly and should be expected after vaccination.

Occasionally, you can experience fever, tiredness, headache and loss of appetite. Try and rest if you experience these symptoms, drink plenty of fluids and take an analgesic such as paracetamol if you have a fever. These are usually self-limiting and do not require treatment.

Anaphylactic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare, approx. 1 per million doses of vaccine given. Ref: Green Book, DOH. In the unlikely event that a reaction should occur you will be given immediate treatment with the necessary medications and a 999 ambulance will be called. All staff are trained in the management of anaphylactic reaction and resuscitation.

Clients can report reactions online at: MRHA

Do you offer discounts?

Sussex Travel Clinic offers students a 5% discount on all vaccines and malaria tablets. Please present your student card when visiting the clinic to receive the discount.

Do you charge a consultation fee?

When visiting our clinics, customers pay a consultation fee of £15 (adults) and £7.50 (child) on the first visit related to the specific destination or combination of destinations, and then for each vaccine dosage received.  Please note –where we only provide a travel vaccine consultation, without administering any vaccines, there is a charge of £25.

Do you provide family/group bookings?

Yes we do – for group bookings of 3 or more patients we take a non – refundable deposit of £15 per adult and £7.50 per child.

Is there a cancellation charge if I do not attend my appointment?

Cancellation charges may apply if appointments are cancelled within 24 hours. Our cancellation charge is £10.

Do you have disabled access?

We have full disabled access at our Hove clinic. There is no disabled access at our Worthing branch.

Do you offer single dose Measles, Mumps and Rubella?

No, Sussex Travel Clinic does not offer this service. We offer the 3 in 1 MMR vaccine for travellers/ occupational workers if they require protection for any of these diseases.

Do you offer a post travel health service?

Sussex Travel Clinic does not currently offer a post travel health service. In the event you feel unwell on return, you should see your General Practitioner.

If you have travelled to an area where Malaria is present and you become feverish on return, it is essential that you contact a medical practitioner immediately. You can also present yourself at any Accident and Emergency department. Tell the doctor you have returned from malarial area and are feeling unwell.

Malaria can present up to a year after travel, so be aware of Malaria symptoms, which include fever, headache and muscle pain. Coughing and diarrhoea may also be present.

Please see our  Post Travel Service page for further details.

Do you offer rabies post exposure treatment?

Sussex Travel Clinic does not routinely offer post exposure rabies treatment. If you have had a rabies exposure when travelling and need to complete a course of rabies vaccine on return to the UK, you can get rabies post exposure treatment free of charge via the NHS. You should contact your NHS GP as soon as possible and tell them that you have had a rabies exposure when travelling. Your GP will be able to access advice and vaccines from the Rabies Reference Laboratory. If you do not have a NHS GP you can access the same advice and treatment via your local A & E.