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In 2012 there have been 13 incidents of young people falling off balconies abroad. There have been 3 deaths and other cases have resulted in serious injury. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( FCO) have joined forces with the Association of British Travel Agents ( ABTA) to highlight the safety of young travellers and help prevent balcony incidents among young people in popular holiday resorts.

9 cases in 2012 have been in the popular Spanish destinations; Majorca and Ibiza. Alcohol often plays a part in these incidents and all cases have occurred in young people aged 18 – 35 years old.

FCO and ABTA advise travellers to:

• Know the risks – climbing over or jumping off balconies can have serious consequences and result in injury or death.

• Alcohol can impair your judgment and hot climates can increase the effect of drinking.

• Make sure you have adequate travel insurance cover. You need to be prepared if things do go wrong. Medical bills and flights home to the UK can mean holidaymakers end up with a bill for thousands of pounds if they are uninsured. The FCO will not pay your medical bills or flights back to the UK.

The campaign tells the story of Jake Evans, 18, from Liverpool. Jake survived a fall from a 7th floor balcony last year after a few too many drinks. Leaflets will be distributed around resorts highlighting Jakes story.

Jakes Story