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Sussex Travel Clinic – Colossal Cake Sale 2013

Doing the best you can 

Last year alone over £160,000 was raised by some 700 cake lovers across the country in aid of Help For Heroes. So if you have decided to take part in this year’s Colossal Cake Sale then you will know that, while it’s an exciting time and a worthy cause, there are lots of things to think about. Once you’ve signed up to the web site and received your 2013 fundraiser pack to help you then the next step is to contact people who are willing to help out.


They could be anyone from neighbours, friends, families or even local businesses. If you know of anyone who can make a good cake or is a keen baker (including yourself) then it’s always worth getting in touch to ask for their assistance. Most people are willing to help out a worthy charity.

 And even if they aren’t up to the task of baking there is always the option to sell merchandise from the official web store.

 Now that you have help…


 …where do you host your event? It all depends on how big you are expecting your event to be. You might even consider choosing your event first so you know how many people you need. There are many areas in your local community where you can set up your event.

Perhaps a local school has provided help from pupils. So why not host it at their school? Or maybe a church that you attend. What about an area in your town square thereby attracting the most attention?

And, of course, with the bake sale being held between 20th April and 5th May who knows maybe the weather will hold out and you know of a particularly glorious park that’s just crying out for such a worthy event. It’s all about doing your best to help brave servicemen and women by raising charity for their cause.