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Is your fear of flying stopping you from travelling to overseas destinations?

Fear of flying is very common and statistics show that 500 million people worldwide have a fear of flying, even though flying is known to be the safest form of transport.

Fear of flying can be from worries about turbulence and terrorism to technical issues with the aeroplane. Perhaps it’s the feeling trapped, or a fear of panicking and ‘losing it’. Perhaps you suffer from agoraphobia, claustrophobia or have a fear of heights? All these can be part of a fear of flying.

If you have a fear of flying why not try the highly successful   ‘Freedom to Fly Programme’ run by Elaine Iljon Foreman.  The  programme uses highly effective cognitive behaviour therapy to help you overcome your fear of flying.

About Elaine




Course leader Elaine Iljon Foreman BA (Hons), M.Sc., AFBPsS, is a Consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist specialising in the treatment of fear of flying and anxiety related problems. Elaine is  Chartered with the British Psychological Society, an HPC Registered Practitioner and is BABCP and UKCP accredited.

Elaine has written many self help books, had many interviews on TV and her research has been presented worldwide.


To join the ‘Freedom to Fly Programme’ visit the Freedom to Fly website.