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Worthing Clinic

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Our annual survey was this carried out via a web based survey.  Clients were sent an email link and asked to respond.

814 clients were invited to complete the survey.
69 clients responded.


Where was your clinic appointment?

Hove Clinic 30 43.5%
Worthing Clinic 38 55.1 %
I attended both clinics 0 0%
I did not attend clinic 1 1.4%



Was this your preferred location?

Yes 63 91.4%
No 4 5.8 %
N/A 2 2.8%

Which nurse did you see?

Jane Bell 13 18.8%
Nicki Harrison 2 2.9 %
Sara Smith 3 4.3%
 Helen Thorpe  2  2.9%
Janet Willard 1  1.4%
Margaret Buckley  2  2.9%
I can’t remember the name of the nurse  32 46.4%
I saw several nurses  14  20.3%

How would you rate our reception staff?

1 1 1.5%
2 1 1.5%
3 3 4.2%
4 11 16%
5 53 76.8%

How would you rate your initial contact with the clinic?

1 0 0%
2 0 0%
3 11 15.9%
4 56 81.2%
5 56 71.8%

How would you rate the standard of care you received?

1 1 1.43%
2 0 0%
3 0 0%
4 10 14.5%
5 64 84.1%


How would you rate the expertise of the clinical staff?

1 0 0%
2 0 0%
3 0 0%
4 10 14.5%
5 59 85.5%

How would you rate the clinical premises?

1 0 0%
2 0 0%
3 3 4.3%
4 22 31.9%
5 44 63.8%

How would you rate our online booking system?

1 1 3.7%
2 0 0%
3 1 3.7%
4 6 22.2%
5 19 70.4%

How would you rate the clinic website?

1 0 0%
2 0 0%
3 3 6.4%
4 14 29.8%
5 30 63.8%

How would you rate the overall service?

1 0 0%
2 1 1.4%
3 0 0%
4 13 18.8%
5 55 79.7%

Would you recommend our service to someone else?

No 1 1.4%
Yes 68 98.6%
3 0 0%

If you answered no, can you explain what is was you disliked?

  • The only thing that slightly irritated us was that the nurse assumed we were going to take the typhoid by injection rather than tablets. We got the distinct impression that she would have preferred to administer an injection. Whilst we understand it is important to stress the dangers of rabies, we did feel there was a bit of a ‘hard sell’ for the course of injections!
  • I don’t appreciate being kept waiting for 25 minutes.

Is there anything we can do to improve our service?

  • Supply free parking times outside clinic. Lunch times are permit holders only
  • Allow electronic online completion of the registration forms
  • No. Keep doing what you’re doing, brilliant service from start to finish.
  • Premises rather chilly on the morning that we attended.
  • Provide parking when Street parking is not allowed
  • Greet people as they enter even if you are selling stuff
  • Parking was a bit tricky
  • Make the injections much cheaper and more affordable
  • The matter of car parking was quite unclear and in completing forms on line there seemed to be no way of inputting a second person’s details whilst still on line and this resulted in my records and my wife’s records being transferred???
  • No, it’s been truly awesome (especially down the phone when I was in Delhi)
  • Prices!
  • Yes, see people on time
  • Provide information about the actual vaccines used
  • Not as far as I’m concerned
  • More Publicity?

Sussex Travel Clinic response:


  • We do appreciate your feedback. ‘We are sorry some clients found it hard to park at the Hove clinic. However, we have no control over this as only street parking is available at our Hove branch. Unfortunately the forecourt at the front of our Hove premises is used by other businesses located in the building and is not available for client use.
  • There is paid street parking at our Hove branch which currently costs £1 per hour. Most clients can find a space without any problem but at certain hours of the day it can be an issue.
  • We do have off street parking and free street parking at selected times during the day at our Worthing branch.


  • We aim to keep our prices as affordable and competitive as possible but we are sometimes restricted by vaccine supply problems and occasionally have to increase our prices.

Do you have any complaints about our service?

  • No – excellent service
  • I haven’t received a card showing what vaccination I was given
  • The extortionate prices
  • No.
  • None
  • Given a form to complete by receptionist who then closed the door. I completed the form and then sat for a further 20 minutes without knowing what was going on. I had to knock on the door to find out.
  • Not at all.


I needed a series of appointments at short notice for vaccinations for business travel to India. I was able to book in quickly and easily and received thorough advice on what was available and what I needed based on my planned activities, cannot fault the service! Helen Page

Quick and very precise response. Willing to provide crucial advice on the mail and phone cutting down tremendously on time. Tommaso

Great service very professional

SO much easier and faster than going to my local GP, an appointment was available the next day as opposed to waiting 6-8 weeks to see GP! All staff I encountered where friendly, helpful and professional at all times. Fantastic service, thank you.

Yes very professional well spoken and helpful young lady Dr, very impressed!

Excellent service – I can highly recommend

Yes – and when I was ill after the nurse gave good and accurate advice re how to proceed.

I was given excellent travel advice and information from both the individual nurses I saw and I felt that I received an efficient and professional service.

TJS & HL Dunn

I don’t know where to start with this testimonial as the service I’ve received potentially saved my life. 5 weeks before I went to Goa in December 2017 I got in touch with the clinic and booked a appointment to meet a nurse, discuss my vaccinations and have the first of the many you seem to need. From reception through to nurses, everyone was incredibly helpful and pleasant and worked hard to provide what I needed in the very tight time frame. Whilst in Goa I was bitten by a ferrel dog and my immediate worry was Rabies. I had my first shot of Rabies vaccine whilst there and it happened to be a Sunday. On returning from the hospital I immediately emailed the clinic, knowing that I’d be on a flight from Goa to Delhi when they opened in the morning. On landing there was a very detailed email asking everything they needed to know, and clearly setting out a plan of action – Immediately I felt my worry and stress levels dropping. I then called them, they ran through the finer points, made some calls to finalise my treatment plan, then called me back within the hour to set the ball rolling. The morning after arriving back in the UK I had my appointment at the clinic where they had arranged for the 2nd of the 5 vaccination shots plus my immunoglobulin treatment that wasn’t available in India. Since the vaccination shots were free on the NHS they even arranged for numbers 3,4 and 5 to be administered at my GP surgery, so all I had to pay them was £30 – a tiny amount when you consider the service they provided me which was potentially life saving and definitely reduced my worry levels. From consultation, to vaccinations, and post trauma support they were absolutely outstanding.

 Terence Tietjen.

I recently visited the Worthing Branch of Sussex Travel Clinic. I found all the staff very professional and at the same time extremely friendly. All aspects of my vaccine were explained to me and I would certainly recommend the Clinic to my friends.