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Our supplier Sanofi Pasteur has informed us that currently they are out of stock of injectable typhoid vaccine and will be until January 2013. Sussex Travel Clinic is offering the Oral Typhoid Vaccine Vivotif as an alternative during this time.

Vivotif is taken on day 0, day 2, and day 5. Cost – £30 per course.

Vivotif is a live vaccine but can be given with other live vaccines and does not need to be separated by 4 weeks like other live vaccines do.


Both UK suppliers of rabies vaccine Novartis and Sanofi Pasteur are  currently out of stock of rabies vaccine and normal supplies will not start until November 2012.

Sussex Travel Clinic have made the decision to administer rabies vaccine intraderamally(ID) to ensure our rabies supply lasts through the shortage period.

ID Rabies is given on day 0, 7 and 21 or 28.

Please note: Rabies vaccine administered by ID technique should only be administered by those trained in ID technique. All nurses at Sussex Travel Clinic are trained to give ID injections.


Sussex Travel Clinic now has flu vaccines in stock for those not eligible for an NHS flu vaccine. Cost £18

We also offer an onsite flu vaccine service for businesses with 10 or more employees.

To Book please call 01273 749100 or use our ONLINE booking via our website.

If you have ever had chicken pox you are at risk of getting shingles. The chicken pox virus stays in your system and can resurface as shingles later in life. The main symptoms are a painful rash that blisters and then scabs. Postherpetic neuralgia can occur after you have had shingles. This is nerve pain that can last for three months or more after the rash has gone.

In the UK it is estimated that about 3 people in every 1,000 have shingles in  every year. Although shingles can occur at any age it is more common over the age of 50 years. In those aged 80 years and over the incidence of getting shingles increases to about 11 people in 1,000 per year.


Zostavax is a vaccination that can reduce your risk of getting shingles. It is licensed for use in those aged 50 years and over. You can have the vaccine even if you have not had chicken pox.

You should not have the vaccine if:

  • you are allergic to any of its ingredients, including gelatin or neomycin.
  • you have a weakened immune system or take high doses of steroids.
  • if are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.
  • you should not get ZOSTAVAX to prevent chickenpox.
  • Tell your nurse if you have had a vaccine against pneumonia in the last 4 weeks. It is best to have these 4 weeks apart.

Further Information



Sussex Travel Clinic now has injectable typhoid vaccine back in stock. Over the past few months there have been supply problems with injectable typhoid vaccine in the UK. Manufacturers Sanofi Pasteur have now confirmed that injectable typhoid vaccine is now available.

During the time that injectable typhoid vaccine was not available Sussex Travel Clinic offered the oral typhoid vaccine to travellers that needed protection. The clinic now has adequate supplies of both the oral and injectable vaccines. Oral typhoid vaccine is taken in tablet form over a period of five days and is ideal for those that are needle phobic.

To discuss further please call the clinic on 01273 749100 or book an appointment online.

Over the past 3 years there have been a large number of outbreaks of pertussis in Australia. In 2011 37,880 cases were reported, an increase of more than 3000 from those reported in 2010.  In 2011 most cases have occurred in four states:New South Wales(12,930),Queensland(8,819),Victoria(8,568) andWestern Australia(3,763). [1]. The Western Australian Health Authority is warning that the state may be facing an epidemic.


What is whooping cough?

Whooping cough is a highly infectious disease caused by the bacterium Bordetella Pertussis. Transmission is through the respiratory route and symptoms include: severe coughing spells, breathing difficulties, vomiting and sleep disturbance.

Sussex Travel Clinic has been having some enquiries from concerned travellers who are concerned either because of risk of contracting pertussis themselves or because, if infected, they may put young children at risk. (e.g. grandparents visiting new grandchildren who are not  yet vaccinated)

In the UK children under the age of 10 are routinely immunised against pertussis. Adults and those over the age of 10 are not routinely offered boosters, although some countries, Australia included, do offer a booster dose to adolescence as part of their immunisation programme.

Immunity following infection or vaccination against pertussis wanes over time and there is no test to check immunity.

Advice for Travellers

  •  Evidence of immunisation against pertussis is not an entry requirement forAustralia
  • If you are travelling with children make sure that they are up to date with all of their routineUKimmunisations.
  • If you are going to do medical work inAustraliayou may be required to produce evidence of pertussis immunisation- speak to your employer before you travel.
  • If you are likely to have close contact with children less than 12 months of age and you are not immune practice routine respiratory precautions such as good hand hygiene and avoiding persons known to be infected.
  • Adult boosters of pertussis vaccine are not recommended for theUK. [2]. If you are planning a long stay trip to risk areas you should consider receiving a pertussis-containing vaccine formulated for adults and adolescents at your destination.

To discuss this further please call our nurses on 01273 749100.



We have been informed by the manufacturers of the following vaccines that there will be a supply problem for the foreseeable future.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has announced that supplies of Typhoid Vaccine and Combined Hepatitis A/ Typhoid vaccine will not be available until the second quarter of 2014. The delay in supply has been constrained due to a delay in a new manufacturing facility.GSK has had to concentrate production on critical childhood vaccines as prioritised by the World Health Organization.

Sanofi Pasteur MSD has reported a temporary interruption to supplies of Typhim Vi, Typhoid Vaccine. Supplies will become available from the end of February 2012.

How will this affect me?

Sussex Travel Clinic has adequate supplies of Oral Typhoid vaccine available and plenty of Hepatitis A vaccine in stock.

Hepatitis A and Typhoid are caught through consuming contaminated food and water. If you are travelling to a country where these diseases are common it is important you get vaccinated before you travel.

Please call 01273 749100 to book an appointment.