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Malaria Tablets

Paludrine / Avloclor

Paludrine / Avloclor

In many parts of the world where Malaria is present the mosquitoes have become resistant to Chloroquine (Avloclor) This drug is now only used for certain areas of the world where Chloroquine resistance Malaria is not present. Your travel health nurse will advice you if you are able to take Pauldrine/ Avloclor for the region you are travelling to.

Tablet Schedule

Two Paludrine tablets daily and two Avloclor tablets weekly

How to Take

Start the course of tablets one week before arriving in an area which has Malaria. Take two Paludrine tablets daily and two Avloclor tablets weekly. Continue taking these tablets in this manner during your stay. Continue taking these tablets for a further four weeks after your return to a Malaria free area.


£18.50 per pack of 98 Paludrine tablets and 14 Avloclor tablets

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For current vaccine and malaria recommendations visit Travel Health Pro which gives up to the minute travel advice and recommendations.

Combine these tablets with insect repellent and mosquito nets for peace of mind – mosquito nets and repellents are available to purchase in both our clinics.