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BCG Vaccine- Tuberculosis

BCG Vaccine – Tuberculosis

What is it?

Tuberculosis is most commonly transmitted via droplet infection. BCG vaccination is recommended for travellers under 16 years of age who will be living or working with local people for a prolonged period of time (three months or more). Following individual risk assessment, vaccination may also be considered for travellers under the age of 35 years who may be at high risk through their occupation abroad or in the UK e.g. healthcare workers.

Before a BCG vaccine can be given a T-Spot TB Blood test- this test screens for latent and current tuberculosis infection.

Vaccine Schedule

One dose required

Booster – not required

Cost Per Dose


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Note: We do not offer the BCG vaccine to those aged under 12 years of age in our clinic. Your NHS GP should be able to refer you to the local hospital for a BCG vaccine if your child in under 12 years of age and meets criteria for needing a BCG vaccine for travel.

BCG vaccine shortage UK- 27/05/2016

There is currently a UK shortage of BCG vaccine and mantoux vaccine.  During the UK shortage we have sourced BCG vaccine from our UK suppliers who are importing the BCG vaccine from the Serum Institute of India with the permission of the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

During this time we will be running   weekly BCG clinic’s at our Worthing clinic – please call 01903 254774 to book an appointment.  A BCG vaccine can be given up to 3 months after a negative TB Spot Test.  Please contact the clinic for further information.

Who should have a BCG vaccine?

For further information about who should receive a  BCG and the Mantoux test visit: our News page or  NHS Choices