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Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow Fever

What is it?

Yellow fever (YF) is spread by mosquito bites. It is a serious often fatal illness. Vaccination is recommended for those who travel into risk areas. Many countries require a vaccination certificate for entry. Immunisation should be performed at least ten days prior to travel to an endemic area to allow protective immunity to develop and for the International Certificate of Vaccination (if required) to become valid.

Read more about YF vaccine recommendations and side effects here

Yellow Fever Patient Information

Yellow Fever Information for Travellers

Yellow Fever vaccine is a live immunisation. It can be given at the same time as other live vaccines with the exception of Measles, Mumps & Rubella vaccine (MMR) and Shingles vaccine. You should not have a YF vaccine if you have received MMR or Shingles vaccine in the last 4 weeks. If you are planning to have MMR or a Shingles vaccine ideally you should wait until 4 weeks after you have received your yellow fever vaccine.

Sussex Travel Clinic is a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Vaccine Schedule

One Dose

Booster– not required. Immunity from a Yellow Fever vaccine provides lifetime immunity.

Boosters should be considered for some people including those who received their initial yellow fever vaccination:

  • when aged less than two years old
  • during pregnancy
  • whilst infected with HIV
  • when immune suppressed
  • before undergoing a bone marrow transplant

Changes to the International Health Regulations affecting yellow fever certificate validity from 11 July 2016

Children – can be given to infants and children aged  9 months and over

Cost Per Dose £85 (including certificate)

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Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate

If you are unable to have the YF vaccination on medical grounds we will offer you a yellow fever vaccination exemption certificate for entry to your country of travel.  If you have a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to eggs, certain immune system disorders or take immune suppressing drugs, recent treatment for cancer, guillain-barré syndrome, DiGeorge syndrome,  myasthenia gravis or a thymus disorder you will not be able to receive a yellow fever vaccination. Your nurse will do a full risk assessment before giving you the yellow fever vaccination. A Yellow Fever exemption certificate is only valid for one trip.

YF Exemption Certificate Cost £25

Yellow Fever Duplicate Certificate

Please note there is a charge of £15 for issuing duplicate certificates.

Combine this vaccine with insect repellent and mosquito nets for peace of mind – available at both our clinics.

For further information on yellow fever vaccination information visit: Travel Health Pro

YF Maps – Courtesy of WHO

For YF maps please visit:

Africa Yellow Fever Map

Americas Yellow Fever Map

Countries that have a mandatory Yellow Fever Vaccine entry requirement